50% - 80% of Your Buyers Are Abandoning Carts and Checkouts Without Completing their Purchase…

…and You Have Less Than 1 Hour to Recover Them or Loose Them Forever

Recover Lost Sales… Increase Revenue


On average, 50% - 80% of the customers after clicking the order button or adding a product cart will still not purchase the product, most time just abandoning the cart or leaving at checkout.

And that sucks!

But here’s the real bad news!thumb-large

Once they abandon the cart or checkout…


You have only 60 Minutes to Re-Engage and Get them to Buy


In our culture, we believe you should sell more always, that’s why we built a powerful add-on to help you bring back potential customers who left without buying and get them to purchase the product.

Statistics have shown that if you don’t engage your customers who abandoned their cart within the first 1 hour of leaving your website then you’ll never get them back.

That’s why retargeting ads works so well because the moment thy leave your site without buying, your product ads start following them everywhere they go (Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Blogs and rest of the web).

So, we made sure we built a powerful sales recovery tool that will work just the same way by instantly engaging your subscribers the moment they leave your checkout/cart without completing purchase.

And we made it exclusively for Storeless funnels!


1st Responder

the ultimate sales Reconvery add-on for storeless

Our beta tester are getting 50% increase in revenue and it takes less than 1 minute to set it up

here's how 1st responder recovers
lost sale for you


Trigger 6 Samrt Massages to the Customer's Phone

Now, 1st Responder get's realy cool...we don't just send email to your customer, the add-on will also send text massages straight to their mobile phones which get 80% open rate and 20% conversion rate so this will we make you a to lot of sale and add a lot of personal touch to your sale recovery compaign.


One of the key reason people dump checkout and cart is pricing, they simpliy can't afford them or they're looking for better deals (a.k.a discount shoppers)

So during the promotion series to recover the sale, offering them a discount will be a big deal that can get help them over the fence.


Customer loves bonuses, it's like their favorite poison,they can't say no to it even
when to claim it means spending money with you.

how i love the psychology of that

With 1st Responder, you'll be able to lure them in with bonuses and make the sale.


Don’t send boring emails that look crappy… you’re better than that and this is 2018 for God’s sakes.

1st Responder emails are so lovely your customers will be wowed and click that buy now button fast, also, you can customize and brand it so it’s yours.


At the end of your recovery sequence if the customer has not purchased then likely they will never buy that product or just don’t have the need for it at the moment.

So, what do you do? You sell something else to them… 1st Responder uses the final string in your sequence to achieve this and grow your revenue.


Even if you don’t know marketing, or don’t know how convert sales no problem. 1st Responder comes with predesigned promo sequences with the kind of emails and the right time to send them.

All you have to do is just edit text and images to match your product then launch.


Right inside your 1st responder dashboard, you’ll be able to track how many sequence have been sent on daily basis, the exact sequences that were sent for each day, and how much engagement (opens and clicks) you got.

And with this data, you’ll measure how it increases your sales & grows your revenue.


Your customers are blasted with messages 24/7 asking them to opt-in or buy something or take some kind of action.

Bottom line is your customers are getting pounded by other marketers so you need to standout, 1st Responder allows you to personalize your campaigns.


Perhaps this is the best part, all the other cart recovery apps and plugins need a 3rd party email service provider to connect with and send emails but not 1st Responder.

You don’t need to pay any monthly fees to any Autoresponder, our app handles everything internally and clutter-free


1st Responder is built with a great feature called “Smart Observer” and this is a feature that you won’t even get to see as it works in the background 24/7 but makes all the difference in the world.

It tells 1st Responder when a customer has returned and bought the product so it stops the sequence automatically.


This is the best part but I guess you already know about it, still it’s worth mentioning it the second time.

Everything in 1st Responder is automated, it’s going to work 24/7 to get you sales without you lifting a finger, it’s like having your own personal sales rep, set it up once… runs for life.

Are you ready to start recovering abandoned cart and making more sales?

Choose the 1st Responder package that best suites you…


check5 Funnels Only

checkNumber of Pages in a Funnels

check5 Products

errorNo Text Messaging

checkFully Customizable

ONLY $69

1st Responder Add-on (Trainee Edition)


checkUnlimited Funnels

checkUnlimited Pages

checkUnlimited Products

checkFull Suite (Text & Email Messaging)

checkFully Customizable

ONLY $99

1st Responder Add-on (GodFather Edition)
Oh wait… thatʼs not all!


We have more benefits stacked on 1st Responder that you’ll be wondering “what the heck?”, the value is so insane that only someone who doesn’t know the first thing about selling products online will say no.

Simply… we’re about to make you the “GODFATHER DEAL”

No Monthly Fees


Oh, how I hate those monthly bills?

I’m stuck with thousands of dollars a month on services and apps I just can’t shake off which is why I keep building my apps to replace those money gobblers.

And I know you hate them too…

$30 a month here, $99 a month there, $67 a month on another app, oh another $129 a month on the social media app… and so it goes on and on, before you know it, you’re spending $800+ a month in recurring bills or if you’re like me doing a lot of marketing, you’ll have recurring monthly bills exceeding $5,000.

Crazy, right?

Well, guess what’s crazier…

All the Abandoned Cart Recovery software, app, service and plugins we saw are all attached with heavy monthly fees from $37 a month to as much as as $199 a month even though they were not as cool as 1st Responder, in fact… you’ll need to combine 2 - 3 different ones to get the full blown power delivered by 1st Responder.

When we saw this, it made us cringe… what a load of crap!

So, we decided to do something incredible, a GodFather kind of favor :)

No Monthly Fees EVER!

You select your preferred 1st Responder package, you pay once and use it for life.

No hidden fees, No BS.

Pre-Checkout Lead Grabber


We discovered a way to get MORE customer leads for you and WE BUILT IT!

You see a lot of people who abandons cart don’t even fill out the checkout form before leaving.

This is one of the biggest flaws in all the “Cart Recovery Technology” in the market today.

They totally rely on the person completing the checkout form or creating an account on their store in order to get their details and use it.

But that’s heavily flawed because over 50% of cart abandoners don’t even create account on your site or fill the checkout form before abandoning. So you see how you’ve already lost big even before attempting recovery?

So, we build something that to fix this big leakage…

You can force your customer’s to enter their email before they continue checkout, some the biggest store are using this tech right now and it’s making them a lot of money.

And how it works is simple.

  • Visitor lands on your page and likes your product
  • Visitor clicks order now buttons
  • Button instantly flips over and ask visitor to “ENTER EMAIL TO CONTINUE”
  • Visitor enters their email and continue to checkout

Using this method gets you 100% leads of everybody that clicked the order button, regardless of whether they created an account or not, filled checkout form or not, 1st Responder now has their contact details and if they abandon cart, it will instantly initiate recovery.

How cool is that?

And you can turn it on or off on any product you want, it’s totally up to you… we give you full control.

No Risk, No Commitments — Make Money or Get Refunded, Period!


We’re so confident that this is by far the most powerful abandoned cart recovery add-on in the market, albeit the only one available for storeless and we’re willing to make you a solid promise.

  • 1st Responder is going to help you get and close more leads
  • 1st Responder is going to recover abandoned carts & lost sales
  • 1st Responder is going to make you more money

Get 1st Responder add-on for Storeless today and if in the next 30 days, you don’t feel that it has added any value to your funnels, you don’t feel that it has worked the way we promised and increased your sales.

Ask for a full refund and we’ll grant it immediately.



check5 Funnels Only

checkNumber of Pages in a Funnels

check5 Products

errorNo Text Messaging

checkFully Customizable

ONLY $69

1st Responder Add-on (Trainee Edition)


checkUnlimited Funnels

checkUnlimited Pages

checkUnlimited Products

checkFull Suite (Text & Email Messaging)

checkFully Customizable

ONLY $99

1st Responder Add-on (GodFather Edition)