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eCom Breakthrough Academy

Pick The Wrong Product and You're Guranteed to Fail...

That's the first rule of eCommerce.

It doesn't matter how targeted your traffic is or how badass your funnel is, if the product you pick will determine your success.

I still remembered when we launched our first eCom product, an anti-aging wrinkle removal cream and we were profitable right out the gate crushing it with hundreds of sales and thousands of dollars daily in revenue.

We became very confident and cocky and launched a couple more products immediately, one of them was this "Electric Knife Sharpener"

And that ended up being our biggest flop in eCom till date.

We thought we had a killer product and that the campaign was going to be a home run, if anything we believed it was going to become our best selling product. I mean literally everyone has a kitchen, use knifes and obviously wants them sharp, the market potential was huge (billions of people worldwide, we're going to make so much money or so we thought).
But alas, nobody wanted this piece of garbage!

I should know because we spent over $2,000 on Facebook, Youtube and Google ads testing and trying to get it to work, we tweaked the ad copies like a 100 times, we switched out funnels every other day, we tried to use videos, quizzes, stories, massive discounts, bonus stacking yet nothing worked.

To sum it up...

We wasted $2,000+ and 1 full month trying to sell the wrong product, that's time and money we'll never get back and we don't want that to happen to you.

You see during same time, we were killing it on other products we discovered such as our woven beach towel, beach camping tent, hunting decoy, anti hair loss shampoo, gold plated rose flower and butt lift cream.

So, what went wrong with the electric knife sharpener?

We ignored using the winning product formula that helped us discover the wrinkle removal cream and that was our biggest mistake.

Over the last 1 year we've sold over 30 different eCom products with 12 of them grossing over $100k in revenue with 3 of our best sellers exceeding $200k revenue, we've come to perfect the art of picking winning products.

So, here's the deal...

Today, we've really given you everything you need to launch a successful and profitable eCom business.

We handed you best software for building high converting eCom funnels

And alongside it, we presented you with lots of...

Add-ons to help you Automate, Grow and Scale Your eCommerce Bussiness

But all of these means absolutely NOTHING If you're not selling breakthrough eCom products that will crush your campaign goals and make you a lot of money.
That's why for the first time ever..

We're opening up our eCom Breakthrough Academy to the Public...

You're Going to Discover How We Pick Our 100% Winning Products All The Time...

In our entire eCommerce business, we've only had only 1 major loss which was selling electric knife sharpener that totally bombed in our face and that taught us a lot, we learned so much and since then, we've perfected our formula and launched dozens of eCom products.

And our records are stellar...
  • 30 Winning Products Launched
  • 12 Grossed Over $100k in Sales
  • 3 Bestsellers Grossed Over $200k in Sales

1 Loss 30 Wins

How do you like that odds?

In sports betting, they call such odd many names such as: SURE ODD, SURE BANKER, SURE BET because You're guranteed to win if you use it.

Our formula is BULLET PROOF, with a winning record that is unprecedented.

This is not a same crappy "go toAliExpress and find new products" research method...

Don't get me wrong, AliExpress is a very good place for sourcing products, it's the biggest physical product library in the market (even bigger than Amazon... you better believe it, heck... many Amazon sellers source products here) and we use it 100% to dropship all our products but using AliExpress for product research is as crappy as it comes.

It's a recipe for failure and that is where many eCommerce newbies go wrong, they rely on AliExpress for finding hot, trending and winning products and most times than often, it ends in failure.

You set up your store or funnel, spend money running ads and no sales.

All that is about to change...

Inside the breakthrough academy, we're going to reveal to you our underground sources for finding winning products and the exact unique formula we designed that tells us if the product is going to crush it or not.

You've Never Seen Anything Like It Before

There are a total of 4 trainings You'll Recieve Inside the eCom Breakthough Academy...

Each of the training series will show you the hidden sources we use in discover our breakthrough winning products and the 5th video will expose the secret formula we use in verifying that the product is going to be a winner.

We’ve NEVER Revealed These in Public and We Never Will Again...

This is a ONE-TIME Deal Exclusive
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Make no mistake, this is a priority information that only very few privileged people have had the opportunity of getting access.

We don’t teach this in webinars, blogs or in public... the only time we released this information was as part of our $1,997 coaching program.

In fact, we pulled the entire training you’ll be receiving once you join directly from the coaching program itself, so it’s not diluted by any chance.

We don’t plan on selling this to the general public, its a one time deal exclusive for our storeless customers only because we want you to be super-equipped and ready to dominate eCommerce from the launch of your very first funnel.

This is me teaching you how to catch fish...


Listen, I could easily give you fish by handing out some winning products I already picked to you and I know you’ll be glad to pay me heavily for that because I would be given you sure bankers.

But then, what happens when competition crawls up on you and everybody is selling it, what happens when the product is beat to death or stops converting?

You’ll be stuck... back to ground zero and with a struggling eCommerce business.

I give you fish, you eat today and still be hungry tomorrow.

I teach you how to fish, you feed for life.

What is it going to be?

Let me show you how to catch your own fish, one of my biggest advantage has always been MONOPOLY.

My ability to identify and start selling products before anyone else knows it’s a winner and such rare advantage can only come if have a proven formula to use and discover your own products.

And that’s exactly the opportunity I’m handing over to you today...

But it gets even better...



Not just any fish, I will give you deliciously prepared fish that you can start eating immediately while I teach you how to catch your own fish

What does that mean?


My Super Bonus for
eCom Breakthrough Academy


As an exclusive bonus for joining the eCom Breakthrough Academy, i’m going to give you my person eCom product cache list containing the exact 30 products I’ve launched over the past 1 year that have absolutely crushed it and resulted in millions of dollars in sales.

This way right out the gate, you’ll start launching your first proven and battle-tested eCom campaigns.

But you have to act fast... this opportunity is limited, in fact, we’re going to allow only 100 Storeless users to join the eCom Breakthrough Academy.

Normally to get access to this training, youʼll have to join our
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