Never Seen Before Power of Storeless TRIPLES Sales Inside Your Already Existing Shopify & WooCommerce Stores...
Even If You've Never Made a Dime in Your eCom Store... This Changes Everything!

Store Connector ADD-ON
  • Connect your Shopify & WooCommerce stores
  • Import products listed in your stores
  • Sell them with Storeless Funnel (higher conversions)
  • Directly Checkout in Your Store
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You Own A Shopify Store...
Or Maybe a WooCommerce Store!

If you're in the eCommerce space, whether you're just a beginner or you've been here a while, you probably own a couple of stores with a couple of products or lots of products in them.

That's okay, many of our inner circle students have some too.

And regardless of whether these stores are getting sales or not, one thing is guaranteed...

You'll make much more money selling those products with funnels than you'll ever make from your store.

But hey, trying to move over everything to a whole new platform can be a nightmare especially when you've got a whole setup going already, your many apps, customizations etc.

Many of our students already have 3 - 5 stores with 100s of products with some of the stores generating $50,000 - $100,000 a month so moving was next to impossible.

And they ask us to find a solution.

So, we built something incredible...

An API based tool that allows you to connect your storeless account to your Shopify/WooCommerce stores, then use storeless funnel to sell any product listed on your store and have your store handle the checkout /order and customer.

The storeless funnel will only be the front to get conversions... the entire customer/checkout/orders will still be 100% managed in your store like nothing has changed (just the way regular checkouts/orders you get from your store on a normal day is managed)

It Takes Just 4 Steps
to Start Making Money With It...

Connect Your Store

Add New Product and Select Shopify / WooCommerce As Checkout Mode

Create Funnel for that Product & Launch

Run Ads & Get Traffic to Your Funnel Then Convert & Make Sales In Your Store
Visitor lands on your funnel page
Loves the product and clicks order button
Product is instantly added to cart in your store
Visitor is instantly redirected to checkout in your store
And that's it!

Our new API based Store Connector add-on will use high converting funnels to sell products listed in your stores.

And yes, this will not change anything in your store, you can still sell your products inside your store directly, our funnels doesn't interfere with your stores at all.

Currently 100% compatible with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Planned integrations for the future: BigCommerce, Amazon & Etsy.

Activate Store Connector Add-on Now

See & Manage All The People that Bought Products from Your Store Via Your Funnels from Our Dashboard

Our store connector add-on already delivers incredible value for your eCommerce business, being able to use funnels to sell products listed in your store without dealing with any technical BS or low conversions of a typical store.

Now once an order is made, it will be fully available on your Shopify/WooCommerce dashboard like every other order for you to manage and fulfill but we take it a step further.

We asked ourselves what if you wanted to see exactly how many sales Storeless has made for you in your store everyday.

So, we leveraged the API to build a second feature called...

This feature allows all your Shopify/WooCommerce store orders resulting from your Storeless Funnels to show up inside your Storeless dashboard, from there you can manage the other, follow up in cases of cart abandonment and even fulfill the order.

Avoid All the Frictions & Distractions of A Typical Store While You Enjoy Fully the Technology, Apps and Customizations of Powering It

It's like having your cake and eating it.

If you thought that wasn't possible then you just have no idea what we've built here.

Let me perfectly clear...

The reason we avoid using stores for our eCom business is because of all the friction, high bounce rate, cart abandonment and low conversion rate that plaques it on the frontend. Outside of that, stores are pretty powerful with really strong development community for example Shopify has over 2,000 different apps right now with over 500,000 store, WooCommerce powers over 30 million stores (28% of all eCommerce stores online) with over 10,000 plugins, themes, and extensions.

With all of this, I'm sure that you must have juiced and jazzed up your store with lots of plugins, apps, and series of customizations that you want to leverage on every sale and now with our add-on, the 2 worlds have met.

Funnel Conversions + Store Technology = eCom Success!
Can't I Do This with Basic
Storeless account?
But I Thought...

The short answer is NO!

The long answer...
In basic storeless account, we allow you to link to external URLs on call to action buttons in your funnels so if you wish you can copy the link of a product on your Shopify store so that when someone clicks the order button, it redirects to the product listing on your Shopify store.

Heck, even if you have a store on Magento or eBay, you can link to it, our external URL function allows you to link to any URL in the world.

But honestly, doing that will just be defeating the whole purpose of building an eCom funnel because when they click that link and land on your store, they go through that whole BS you tried avoiding in the first place by using a funnel, they still have to click the ADD to Cart button again on the store to begin checkout.

The process really just brings more friction and confusion that messes up your sales, the whole essence of using funnels is not having to deal with store fronts.

But with our store connector add-on, we use API and integrate with your Shopify or WooCommerce store and bypass the store front so that when someone lands on your funnel and clicks Add to Cart, we'll automatically (via API) add the product cart in your store and instantly redirect the visitor straight to your store's checkout... how cool is it?

Every of our user using this add-on has dramatically increased sales on their stores and now its your turn to double your sales.

Are you Ready?

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